About the WRP Web Mapping Application

The Western Regional Partnership (WRP) developed the WRP Web Mapping Application to assist partner planning efforts in the region. The application displays spatially referenced data using a common platform and shared data. To take full advantage of the mapping tool, WRP partners need only an internet connection, web browser, and WRPinfo.org user account. The mapping application references GIS data contained in the WRP regional GIS database, which includes publicly available datasets from WRP state, federal and non-governmental partners. In addition to the regional GIS database, the application links GIS web mapping services published by other organizations.

The WRP Web Mapping Application provides users the ability to:

  • Navigate geographic areas (zoom/pan)
  • Query attributes of spatial data and associated metadata
  • Create and export maps in numerous electronic formats (png, jpg, 8.5 x 11, & poster)
  • Download GIS datasets for manipulation/analysis in a local GIS desktop application
  • Overlay features on ESRI high-resolution imagery, detailed street maps, or USGS topographic maps

The WRP Web Mapping Application has been developed using the Environmental Systems Research Institute's (ESRI) ArcGIS Server Enterprise platform.

The WRP Web Mapping Application currently displays a subset of data contained in the Regional GIS Database. Additional data layers will be added as requests are received through the applications Feedback form and data layers are assessed for quality and applicability. This decision support tool provides Partner agencies a common platform where data may be reviewed and used by the WRP community.

Please use the 'Feedback' button, located in the top-right of the map viewer, to provide comments on the WRP Web Mapping Application or request data layers you would like added in future updates.

The data represented in the WRP Web Mapping Application is for general planning purposes and may contain errors or discrepancies. Review data layer metadata to identify authoritative sources where greater accuracy or precision is required.

Please log in to access the WRP Mapping Application. If you do not have a WRPinfo.org user account, please request one.