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California CIO's Office Gets a Geocoding Grant

California GIO (and NSGIC Board Member) Michael Byrne has announced that his state's Emergency Management Agency has awarded the Office of the State Chief Information Officer a $1 million dollar grant to develop an enterprise geocoding service.

Mr. Bryne announced the grant award on California's The Tech Blog, calling it "another milestone in geospatial information for California." He notes that the grant will not only bring all state emergency response comand centers to a common operating picture for the state, but will also help save money for the state:
By setting up a comprehensive enterprise service, we ensure all state agencies which maintain address data will be able to use this service. Having these agencies use this single comprehensive service means for the first time there will be a common understanding of mapping addresses in the state. We will ensure that addresses in every state agency are mapped with the same standards and methods providing a common approach and bridging the cap of our state silos.


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