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Effort to Preserve GIS Data Seeks New Partners

The Geospatial Multistate Archive and Preservation Partnership (GeoMAPP) is looking for new state partners to work with on the preservation of "at risk" and temporally significant digital geospatial content. It has released an Invitation for Bids (PDF) seeking two states to join Kentucky, Utah, and North Carolina in this work, under a grant from the United States Library of Congress’ National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP).
The GeoMAPP project seeks to expand the partnership by two awardees selected through an invitation for bids (IFB) announcement following North Carolina procurement policy. Through the expansion of the GeoMAPP partnership, the Library of Congress and existing GeoMAPP partners will engage respondents in the best practices in digital preservation of geospatial resources. New partners will be expected to provide feedback on the best practices compiled by the GeoMAPP partnership, and participate in current technical evaluations and research, outreach to professional organizations and stakeholders within the respondents’ state, and furthering the goals of the GeoMAPP partnership.

Responses to this request shall represent a collaborative effort between the digital preservation and geospatial agencies within a responding state; additional partners may be included in the responses and project. This IFB will select two (2) respondents’ proposals. An amount of $199,155 is available for distribution to the pool of selected respondents, with a maximum amount of $99,575 available to distribute among the participating organizations of a selected respondent team. For each selected response, independent contracts will be developed to address the scope of work and budget for each member of the respondent team that will require direct reimbursement.


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