WRP Leadership Structure


WRP Principals

WRP Principals are executive level leaders from Federal and State agencies and Tribal governments in the States of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The initial Principal organizations are identified in the WRP Charter in Appendix A. Principals are those executives responsible for providing leadership and direction to the efforts undertaken by the WRP. Such efforts would include identifying regional issues or needs which should be addressed and developing strategies to address those issues and/or needs.

WRP Steering Committee

The membership of the Steering Committee (SC) is composed of senior staff members representing their respective Principal organizations. Membership includes representatives of the Governors’ offices in the WRP States, the major federal Agencies within the WRP region, Native American leadership and the WGA. The SC ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Staff their respective WRP Principals and conduct outreach internally within each WRP SC member organization
  • Bring any relevant issues from their organization to WRP for awareness and potential action
  • Conduct WRP outreach with an emphasis on:
    • Encouraging State, Federal and Tribal participation in WRP Committees
    • Enhancing working relationships with other entities to support leveraging of efforts and reducing redundancies
  • Review WRP Committee actions and provide input to WRP Committee Chairs as appropriate
  • Serve as a resource to ensure WRP effectiveness
  • Work with WRP Committees, WRP Deep Dives, WRP Working Group, and GIS Support Group to develop the Report titled, “Enhancing Resilience to Avoid Cascading Disasters.”
  • Advance efforts for the annual Principals’ meeting.