Date: July 18, 2019

Meeting Presentations

Meeting Presentations

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July 18th webinar on 2019 Aviation Trends and Updates. This webinar, presented by the Western Regional Partnership’s (WRP) Military Readiness, Homeland Security, Disaster Preparedness and Aviation Committee, will run from 9:00 to 11:00 am Pacific.  For more information please contact amyduffy @ 

Airspace is a finite resource and competition for its use is increasing. There are various types of manned flight operations underway daily, which include government (federal, state, local, Tribal and law enforcement) commercial and general aviation. The WRP Region has arguably, the most complex and busiest airspace in the nation. This area has four of the ten largest airports, four of the eleven MetroPlex projects (SoCal is the largest and most complex), and three of nine space ports in the United States, while accounting for 19 percent of the country’s landmass and 75 percent of the DoD’s special airspace.  Significant changes are occurring within the region’s airspace such as: exponential increase in the use of private and commercial unmanned aircraft; implementation of new technology (such as NextGen and commercial space operations); introduction of new aircraft such as the F-35; and an expected increase in passenger aircraft. Access to airspace is critically important for continued economic growth in the west and must support civil, commercial and military aviation while also integrating unmanned aircraft.

This webinar will include presentations by the following aviation leaders who will share their perspective on 2019 aviation trends and updates (with focus in the WRP Region):

  1. Tamara Swann, Deputy Regional Administrator, FAA Western-Pacific Region. This region encompasses four states Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada and three U.S. territories (Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands) and includes four of the nation's ten busiest airports. 
  2. Shelly S. Simi, President & CEO, National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO). NASAO is dedicated to representing the interests of the states and the public before policymakers at the federal level. Ms. Simi will share the state perspective in aviation as well as states’ interests in drones (trends, gaps, emergency trends, items to consider, etc.)
  3. Mark L Bathrick, Director, U.S. Department’s Office of Aviation Services (OAS). OAS is responsible for the safe, efficient, and economical operation of aircraft activities in support of all DOI Bureaus and, through individual agreements, to other federal entities.  He will share his thoughts on current efforts and aviation safety priorities including working with drones.
  4. Jamie Flanders, GS-13, DAF, Airspace Manager, NGB/A2/3/6/10TA, will highlight outcomes from the 2019 Western Service Area Regional Airspace Council Meeting which focuses on military and civilian uses of military training airspace within the FAA’s Western Service Area. This forum shares key information relating to Major Airspace Actions, updates and lessons learned on recently approved airspace as well as new airspace and procedures.
  5. Dennis W. Brown, Senior Chief of Aviation, CAL FIRE, Aviation Management Unit, will share his thoughts on aviation firefighting in 2019 with focus on trends, gaps and partnerships to address fires.
  6. Major Julio “J-Lo” Gonzalez, Director of Aviation, Regional Airspace Coordinator, Air Traffic Control Type Commander, Marine Corps Installations-West, will share the latest efforts by the MCI-West to use UAVs.

 A recording of the webinar can be found here

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