Date: October 18, 2017

Meeting Presentations

Meeting Presentations

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State aviation offices play a critical role in fostering and ensuring a safe and efficient air transportation system.  These offices prepare and administer State Airport Systems Plans that identify the aeronautical role of existing and recommended airports.  The offices ensure compatible land use planning occurs around airports and provide grants and loans for airport safety, maintenance and capital improvement projects.

This presentation was be conducted by Gary Cathey, Chief, Division of Aeronautics, California Department of Transportation; David Ulane, Director, Colorado Division of Aeronautics; Kurt O. Haukohl, State Aviation Manager, Nevada Department of Transportation and Jared Esselman, Director, Utah Aeronautics Division.  The webinar covered:

  • Role/mission of State Aviation Offices
  • Current priorities of the California, Colorado, Nevada and Utah Aeronautical offices
  • Efforts relating to state aviation plans and opportunities for stakeholder engagement
  • Changes/predictions in UAS usage and efforts to address any issues, including state laws and federal preemption.

 A recording of the webinar can be found here.

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