Date: August 31, 2017

Meeting Presentations

Meeting Presentations

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NTIA is part of the Department of Commerce and acts as the Executive Branch agency that is principally responsible by law for advising the President on telecommunications and information policy issues.

Many Federal agencies use radio-frequency spectrum to perform vital operations. NTIA manages the Federal government's use of spectrum to ensure America's domestic and international spectrum needs are met, while making efficient use of this limited resource. As data usage becomes more intensive (e.g., cell phone use for internet searches, etc.) spectrum becomes more important. NTIA coordinates and implements Federal policy regarding spectrum management, including regulations governing Federal spectrum use and assigning frequencies to government agencies and offices. 

This presentation will be conducted by Mr. Peter Tenhula, Deputy Associate Administrator of NTIA for the Office of Spectrum Management.  It will include:

  • An overview of national spectrum policies and the U.S. spectrum management  framework;
  • An overview of the mission of NTIA and of the OSM;
  • A discussion of how federal agencies use spectrum and how NTIA coordinates and collaborates with the agencies, the FCC, and the private sector; 
  • How NTIA works to balance the Federal government's use of spectrum with efforts to expand broadband Internet access, benefitting all spectrum users and the public; 
  • How NTIA develops tools to better understand spectrum utilization and to promote more sharing of spectrum resources among Federal agencies and with non-Federal users; and 
  • A review of ongoing and upcoming NTIA activities related to spectrum policy and management.

A recording of this webinar can be found here.

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