The WRP Region has significant amounts of Federally managed land, Indian Trust lands, and state trust landholdings. Federal land ranges from 34.1% to 84.9% of total state land in WRP states. Additionally the region has extensive training ranges, premier testing facilities, unmatched military air space. The WRP region contains the following:


The six states in the WRP region are home to 18% of the U.S. population and constitute 19% of the total land mass.

Click states in the WRP region map and segments in the pie chart to view land statistics. Multiple states and pie segments may be selected at once to view aggregate values. Clicking again on selected state or selected pie segment will deselect it. The shading of the states is based on the percentage of any particular land management category that is clicked on, the darker the color, the greater the quantity for that category. For example, California has the largest percentage of privately owned land in the region.