The following represent GIS tools provided by WRP partners during the 2016-2017 WRP Regional Assessment effort to gather inputs from all WRP partners on their current priorities, emerging issues, and available resources. This list is not exhaustive of WRP GIS-related partner tools but rather represents some of what is available. The WRP will continue to add to these resources as additional ones are identified.

  • Solar mapper -

    Web-based application that displays environmental data for the southwest U.S. in the context of utility-scale solar energy development (Argonne product)

    Tags: solarenergyBLM
  • Navigator -

    A one stop shop for keyword and geospatial search of BLM data. This is existing maps and data sets, not a not mapping tool

    Tags: BLMdatamap
  • ArcServer for AGOL (ArcGIS Online) -

    A web mapping tool that provides Public Land Survey System data

    Tags: public land surveyBLMmapping tool
  • Section 368 Energy Corridor Mapping Tool -

    Provides mapping data for designated Section 368 energy corridors in 11 western states, with much of the available geospatial information relevant to corridor routing decisions

    Tags: Section 368energymapping datacorridorBLM
  • BLM Landscape Approach Data Portal -

    Provides data, maps, and models from BLM’s landscape approach initiatives

    Tags: BLMdatamapmodellandscape
  • WaterSMART Visualization tool -

    DOI effort to work with States, Tribes, local governments, and non-governmental organizations to pursue a sustainable water supply; this visual tool contains interactive maps and project tours.

    Tags: Bureau of Reclamationsustainablewatertoolmap
  • The REPI Interactive Map -

    Provides partners with GIS locations of all military installations with completed REPI transactions, along with relevant information and resources for these projects.

    Tags: REPImilitaryDoDmapinstallation
  • NP Map -

    Provides digital maps for more than 400 locations across the U.S. using internal and partner tools.

    Tags: National Parkmapmapping tool
  • NPS repository -

    GIS and other relevant data and reports related to park lands.

    Tags: National Parkdatareport
  • Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) Portal -

    Web based one-stop for data and information related to NPS natural and cultural resources. Intermountain Region (CO, UT, NM, AZ) specific data.

    Tags: dataNational Parkcultural resourcenatural resource
  • Regulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit -

    Collaborating on Regulatory Process for Renewable Energy and Bulk Transmission Projects – uses a wiki environment to share permitting guidance, regulations, contacts, and other relevant information.

    Tags: renewableenergytransmissionRAPIDtoolkit
  • EIA State Energy Profile and Energy Estimates -

    Mapping tool where the user can either download individual state data or take the national data; the data cannot be grouped specific to just the WRP states. Users can compare from one state to another but not more than two at time.

    Tags: maptoolenergyU.S. Energy Information Administration
  • EIA U.S. Electronic System Operating Data -

    Website that provides hourly electricity supply and demand.

    Tags: U.S. Energy Information Administrationelectricitydemandenergy
  • Earth Explorer -

    An online search, discovery, and ordering tool developed by USGS that supports searching of satellite, aircraft, and other remote sensing inventories through interactive and textual-based queries.

    Tags: USGSsatelliteaircraftdatatool
  • GloVis -

    Global visualization viewer that provides access to select data sets within the USGS remote sensing archive.

    Tags: USGStoolmap