WRP Committees work to better improve regional and interagency cooperation among Federal agencies, Tribal leadership, States, and non-governmental organizations on critical Western regional issues. They provide a forum for information exchange, issue identification, problem solving and recommendations across the WRP region. Committees are continually reviewed to maintain a resilient and dynamic organization.

Natural Resources Committee 2017-2018 Goals

  • Further explore related findings from the 2017 WRP Regional Assessment.
  • Continue to assist efforts to preclude or delist species through coordinated conservation efforts in order to mitigate regulatory restrictions. Identify potential gaps and leverage existing ongoing efforts to maximize efficiencies.
  • Serve as a resource for WRP Partners in their regional/landscape-level conservation efforts (e.g. Sentinel Landscape efforts, etc.).
  • Assist WRP Partners in engaging in ongoing dialogue on western water sustainability.

WRP Natural Resources Upcoming Meetings

There are currently no upcoming Natural Resources meetings.

Past WRP Natural Resources Updates