WRP Committees work to better improve regional and interagency cooperation among Federal agencies, Tribal leadership, States, and non-governmental organizations on critical Western regional issues. They provide a forum for information exchange, issue identification, problem solving and recommendations across the WRP region. Committees are continually reviewed to maintain a resilient and dynamic organization.

Energy Committee 2016-2017 Goals

  • Support the 2016-2017 WRP Regional Assessment Report by exploring relevant WRP Partners’ energy-related issues and needs and identifying potential resources available to address them. Additional issues and recommendations may also result from the Regional Assessment.
  • Continue to share information on new renewable energy projects and transmission lines and highlight State, Federal and Tribal energy planning efforts and resources in the WRP Region
  • Enhance WRP Partner awareness of new energy generation and transmission planning processes and opportunities for engagement to address/mitigate mission impacts, especially those impacts on the military’s ability to test and train, natural and cultural resources, and Tribal lands

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